Jumaat, 3 Julai 2015

Books of the day !

assalamualaikum gais, 
i've been wondering untuk tulis post yang sebegini but i have no idea pasal ape but today alhamdulillah we are going to talk about books!! 

Q: are you a bookworm?
Q: you are bored and don't have any specific plans to do?
Q: you wanna read good books?
Q: you love getting motivation by reading?

if the answer is yes ! continue reading please.

these are the books that I recommend , you guys should buy it .. it's worth buying :)

- Henshin 
- Tarbiah Sentap 
- Bedtime Stories Sentap 
- Diagnosis2
-Puisi Jalanan
-Dracula vs Al-Fateh 
-Catatan Matluthfi

that's all yang I thought of , if ada penambahan i'll just edit this post :) 

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